What Is An Arc Flash Hazard And How Do You Prevent It?

This short informational note is being split two ways purely for your benefit. For ease of reference, it defines the need for an arc flash hazard analysis in the simplest terms possible, without resorting to technical jargon and so that all and sundry concerned will know what to do next, should this matter be of concern to them. The first half of this article briefly defines the hazard, and the second half of the note offers encouragement by way of just one formal yet simple suggestion on how to avoid the hazards of an arc flash altogether.

An arc flash can occur in the most subtle and silent manner. You will hardly notice when a short fuse occurs. And before you know it, it is all too late. The wires have been crossed and the building is on fire with many lives being put in danger. Even if you had the portable device, would you know how to manage an arc flash if it was detected? No, it was thought as much. Portable device or not, other methods are also being considered, your lives, property and livelihoods are best left in the hands of a professional and qualified risk management technician.

In the field of electricity, and all other sources related, the specialist risk manager will certainly know how to detect an arc flash. And when it is detected, he will know what needs to be done next. If you have contracted his services, you can expect to be told what needs to be done to eradicate the arc flash and what needs to be done to prevent such an occurrence going forward. Your life is secure; your property is safe when in the hands of a professional arc flash hazard analyst.